I’m full of poetry now. Rot and poetry. Rotten poetry.

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A few buses of interest for our Australia adventure!

I’m leaning towards the second option (as the seats have already been removed and it’s easier to modify into a little space). It’s the most expensive bus on this list though.

Furthermore, depending on how the people coming want to travel, they might actually want traditional bus seats to sit on (rather than something modified). In that case, the first option looks good.

The third option is the cheapest, looks the best and already has a living area (see antenna). The artwork is also pretty decent, however, I haven’t seen inside it yet.

Any inputs that could help me Tumblr friends??


Well, in another strange turn of events, the Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament was not full of 12 year olds yesterday, but rather a load of professional players training for the Nationals tournament next week in Brisbane!

This was a massive shock to me. I had absolutely no idea that this game was still so popular - or the fact that there’s now big money and prizes involved for winning on this level. Crazy!

As you might have figured, there was unbelievable skills and cards within the room pictured above! (bottom right photo is when it filled up).

Met some awesome people (including some of Australia’s best), saw some great duels happen, and have been invited to the Nationals tournament on May 3rd and May 4th. The winner gets to travel to New Zealand to compete in the Oceanic Championship for a spot in the World Championship.

Seriously considering getting involved with this scene after all the information I discovered yesterday! :)

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I miss you.

I hope you feel empty when you think of me.

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Hekmatullah (10)- Lost his father, Mohammad Dawood
I was afraid and awake. I pretended to be asleep and hid under my blanket. First, he stepped on me. Then he tripped over my brother. He pulled my father off his bed, brought him out of the room. My mother followed. Then he shot my father. My fathers last words were, ‘Have Mercy’. When he left, he stepped on my fathers dead body. When he left we locked the door and brought my father into the room. We watched over him the whole night. 

Rafiullah (15) Lost four family members, and six heavily injured. 
He shot at us, one after another. My grandmother died immediatly. My sister and I were injured. The shot went through my right leg. Then hit a wall, came back and hit my other leg. In the middle of the night, when all were sleeping, you went and killed them. Why?! Did we hurt you?! You were in your base. We had nothing to do with each other… Why? Shooting people for no reason? This is not fair.

Haji Mohammed Wazir (38) Lost 11 family members
The Americans, the occupants of our country say: ‘We bring you reconstruction and progress’. They brought no development, just destruction. I was not home. At the break of dawn I received a call. They told me my whole family had been killed. They said the Americans did it. They were sleeping in different rooms. He killed them. Brought them into one room. And set fire to their dead bodies. When i arrived in the morning, the vilagers had already gathered. Then i saw the dead bodies. All burnt and covered with blood. Talking about this, it feels like a fresh wound. My mother is dead, my wife is dead, so are two of my sons and four of my daughters. My brother, his wife and their child was killed too. On the very same day, they took the solider and flew him to the USA. We could not prevent it. We did not have the power. They say he was insane… but would the government give an insane person such a responsible position in the army?

Still Night (2013)- The night Sergeant Robert Bale murdered 16 Afghan Civilians in the Kandahar Massacre.  

kakashato replied to your post: “Hahahahaha it’s a song by Cannibal Corpse! >.<“

psshhhhh I knew that

I’d be willing to change it to kushinasbbyboy if you’re willing to change yours to minatosbbygurl????

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How did you even think of your url man ahhaahahhahahahahahah

Hahahahaha it’s a song by Cannibal Corpse! >.<

It used to be reversereality.tumblr.com, but then I had to change it so a certain somebody couldn’t find my blog and I was listening to the song at the time!

I’ve wanted to change it for ages though.

The only thing I know is this: I am full of wounds and still standing on my feet.

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