Opinion: Australia’s unjustified reaction to the MH17 incident

Almost a week has passed since the MH17 disaster left close to 300 people dead, as the global community continues to mourn in the aftermath of this tragic incident. International media coverage was quick to point the finger at pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine for the attack, whilst Australian politicians demand justice for the 28 Australians on board the flight that faithful day.

In the following opinion piece, Ethan Nash takes a look at how the media and political spectrum has reacted to the incident, and investigates how the biased-manipulation of public perception is beginning to resonate within the subconscious of the people – forcing a pre-concieved conclusion before any substantiated proof is presented or investigation can be held.



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Some great behind the scenes shots of Bruce Lee choreographing the Hwang In Shik and Bob Walls fights in “Way of the Dragon.”

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